Destination Management Company(DMC) in Russia
Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Russia
Sport Event Organizer in Russia
Destination Management Company(DMC) in Russia
Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Russia
Sport Event Organizer in Russia
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BtG Event Solutions - Destination Management Company and Professional Conference Organizer - Sochi, St.Petersburg, Moscow

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FIFA World Cup 2018 goes to Russia!
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Deal for Russian Grand Prix in Sochi 2014-2020
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BtG Event Solution's charity program: Give help to those who really need it
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BtG Event Solutions being the 1st DMC in Russia with green&social approach recently became the 1st member from Eastern Europe of Green Meeting Industry Council
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BtG has arranged the first "green" workshop on November 10, 2009 in the hotel Novotel St.Petersburg Center
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International Sports Travel Agencies Association (ISTAA)


For the first time in Russia hotels have got an opportunity to receive ecological certificate of international level and to confirm their appropriateness to "green" standards with a help of independent third person party. It has been declared on the 29th of April, 2010 in St.-Petersburg, at the press conference «ECO-HOTELS in the City», organized by Saint-Petersburg ECOLOGICAL UNION and the first event agency, BtG Event Solutions, which implants "green" technologies in Russia.

Maria Vysotskaja, the project head manager, has told about the project "ECO-HOTEL": «Only those, who save the electric power, warm and water as well as sort the waste products and accustom their visitors to care about the environment can receive such a rank.

Saint-Petersburg ECOLOGICAL UNION has launched this project within a framework of voluntary ecological certification «Vitality Leaf» system. Ecological marking «Vitality Leaf» has a world recognition and is a part of GEN (Global Ecolabelling Network, unites all of the leading world signs), therefore it has credibility not only between Russian citizens, but also between foreign guests».

It is the first project in Russia on the issue of hotels ecolabelling. There were many desirous people to undergo procedure of certification and to receive ecolabelling, which confirms appropriateness of the hotel to strict ecological standards. In Russia, namely in Petersburg, the first certificated ECO-HOTEL can appear within the next months. According to the expert’s opinion, there are hotels in the city which correspond to international ecological standards.

Report of Xenia Andreeva, Marketing Manager in Reval Hotel Sonya Saint-Petersburg, was a confirmation to that. She has told about practice of implementation of "green" technologies in the hotel — for example, special trainings for employees, supposed to increase ecological responsibility. There are corresponding inscriptions opposite to the products which don’t contain GMO in the restaurant menu, opposite to those dishes prepared from local products. There are technologies in the hotel which allow reducing water and powering consumption. More over, the hotel staff uses only anti-phosphate washing-up liquids, in this way participating in the Baltic Sea conservation program.

All over the world it has known for a long time ago that being "green" is profitable. Hotel business is not an exception. For example, in Sweden there are more than 100 "green" hotels already.

Tatiana Baklanova, General Manager of «BtG Event Solutions» company, has told about world tendencies of the "green" hospitality industry. In the USA and Europe there is a popular tendency of energy-saving office buildings construction, so-called Green Office Buildings. Today "green" technologies are actively intruding into many industries, both in foreign and in Russian economy, including hotel business.

"The greenest" hotel in the world, as Tatiana told, was constructed in Copenhagen (Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers 4*) in November, 2009. It is 85 meter high building, one of facade (sunny side) is equipped with the greatest solar batteries in Northern Europe. The cooling and heating system on ground water decreases the energy being used in hotel for heating and cooling, almost by 90%. Since the 19th of April, 2010 the hotel suggests visitors to earn for a dinner in a rather unusual way — it is necessary for them to twist pedals assiduously. There have been two velosimulators located in the hotel, connected to generator. Those who "will wind up" on them 10 watt/hour, will be offered a dinner for free.

Tatiana considers being "green" for a hotel is not only fashionable, modern and sustainable, but also economically profitable as saves expenses essentially. This is a modern competitive advantage, excellent marketing tool, possibility for attraction of additional clients, an integral part of modern corporate culture of dynamically developing company, a subject is to be pride of, both for owners and for staff, raising loyalty of employees and hotel guests.

Moreover, Russia is gradually entering into the world "green" event community and positioning itself as a "green" destination what by all means demands standardization and acknowledgement of eco experts of all "green" initiatives of service providers, such as hotels, restaurants, catering companies, transport companies, etc.

Sergey Lobanov, the Chief of Municipal Information Centre Department of City Tourist-Information Centre of Management on Tourism, Committee on Investments and Strategic Projects of St.-Petersburg, the Chief Executive of National Agency of Development of Investments, Tourism and Culture, has declared that Management on tourism and National agency of development of investments will do its best for "ECO-HOTEL" project will be successful.

«If we are able to position St.-Petersburg as a city with the ECO-HOTELS of international level, it will be a big step towards increasing of city attraction for foreign visitors. For this very reason this project is especially important for us».

Alexey Musakin, the representative of hotel business, who makes a stand for hotels which are just entering into the "green" Russian community, General Director of «Kronvell development», has expressed hope that assignment of the "green" certificate «Vitality Leaf» to hotels will be a guarantor for supervisory ecological agencies of how hotels observe all the ecological norms as provided for in the legislation.

We hope that in Russia, namely in Sant-Petersburg, the first certificated ECO-HOTEL will appear within the next months.

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