Destination Management Company(DMC) in Russia
Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Russia
Sport Event Organizer in Russia
Destination Management Company(DMC) in Russia
Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) in Russia
Sport Event Organizer in Russia
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BtG Event Solutions - Destination Management Company and Professional Conference Organizer - Sochi, St.Petersburg, Moscow
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International Sports Travel Agencies Association (ISTAA)

ENDMC services 

If it's time for a new creative partner in Russia, let BtG Event Solutions to be a member of your planning team! In short, simply tell us what you are dreaming about for your event! We are glad to offer you:


Knowing by long-term experience needs of international MICE & sport event planners from one hand side. From the other — opportunities of local suppliers with combination of knowing traditions, mentality and history of Russia, the way of doing business, local and international law. Taking into consideration budget, international event technology and MICE service quality standards BtG’s professional team will give you the best advice for your upcoming event in Russia.

Program & logistics planning

As per amount of participants, their positions, age and nationality as well as goal of the trip to Russia in accordance with your budget BtG Event Solutions will suggest greatest locations for fine dining and gala dinner, appropriate transportation & guides, the full or half day daily incentive programs including tailored cultural sightseeing & special visits or exclusive activities and master classes with Russian flavor for group members and / or their spouses. Ideal timing & logistics leaded by dedicated BtG project manager and incentive charming guides speaking in your language on spot are guaranteed.

Budget planning

BtG Event Solutions can help with the budget planning for your programs by providing a proposal of services with detailed costs. Each activity will be itemized, showing the required min/max, as well as costs for optional additions. In addition to the total cost for the program, including all local taxes we will offer you the costs per person, per activity according to the number of people expected.

Hotel selection

Having extensive experience of co-operation with all major hotels & hotel chains in Russia, BtG Event Solutions can help you to make the right choice and save your budget for hotel part, to manage room & conference facilities reservations, as well as coordinate your accommodation, welcome, gifts distribution, conference and F&B services, be it for one hotel or for several.

Venue selection

For any meeting or event the venue must meet the requirements, including correspondence to the event subject, capacity, access, lighting, audiovisual elements, decoration and many others. BtG Event Solutions can offer you a venue in Sochi, Saint Petersburg or in Moscow for all kind of events, whether in the city — hotels, historical buildings and palaces, museums, convention and exhibition centers — or in it’s surroundings.

Site inspection

After the appropriate program is already chosen BtG Event Solutions will be glad to arrange for you a site inspection program to help you discover the full potential of selected places and their options as well as to try and to fix F&B part of your event. If necessary we will also provide you the opportunity to meet with site managers to discuss your event in the smallest details. As well as we are happy to arrange guide, hostess and waiters castings.

VIP service in airports

For guests who want to minimize bureaucratic procedure and avoid tedious waiting upon arrival/before departure BtG Event Solutions offers fast track service and VIP lounge at Sochi’, Saint Petersburg’ and Moscow’ airports. Fast track is express crossing of customer, express registration, and priority passport control accompanied by airport staff. For those passengers who want on arrival/departure to be met right near the ramp, be transported by personal transport, and then await for their luggage in pleasant atmosphere of VIP hall where they can have free local calls, fresh press, snacks and beverage BtG Event Solutions is glad to order VIP lounge in airports.

Meet and greet

BtG Event Solutions offers personalized meet and greet services at the airports and railway stations in Russia. Holding a sign to identify your party, our bilingual staff will greet your participants and guests. Once luggage has been retrieved, our friendly guides will escort them to their arranged transfer and then to the hotel. On the way your guests will get the first information about the city of destination and will be answered to all questions, upon arrival to the hotel our staff will help them to check in.

Ground transportation

BtG Event Solutions shuttles are designed to transport a large number of people between the airport/railway station and hotels, to/from Convention and Expo centers, and other places for special events. Often, service is needed simply for the transfer of a group or individual members, whether by sedan of classic or business class, limousine, minibus, coach, helicopter or even hot air balloon! BtG Event Solutions is there to deliver your transportation needs, quality guaranteed.

Tours and activities

Tours and activities offered to participants of your event give them a chance to discover the city of Russia. BtG Event Solutions can organize the most “exclusive & difficult to explore by yourself ” tours for the whole group or for the small groups divided according to their interests and wishes by so called “a-la-cart” tour system or even for one participant of your event. With the help of our on-site professional incentive guides and our experienced staff, all delegates, spouses and invited guests are in good hands!

F&B, decoration and entertainment

Our professional caterer or selectively chosen restaurant can fulfill all your requirements including theme set up and special culinary requests. Whatever your needs, your budget or your special preferences, BtG Event Solutions will organize for you a memorable event with the ideal decoration, entertainment and catering. Using lighting effects, unusual accessories made from up-to-date materials, floral centerpieces or fireworks, we can create a decor of Russian classic, minimalist or extravagant design. Entertainment can be offered with magic, humor, mystery, music, a trip through time...

Technical items & stuffing

BtG is able to provide wide range of sound, light systems and stage constructions. Modern multimedia interactive technologies such as media table, augmented reality, 3D mapping, hologram, QR code etc. could become a great addition to your event in Russia. BtG is glad to provide you with professional masterful technicians, responsible loaders, creative scene-painters, bilingual hostesses, Russian great looking models, charming guides & many-sided personal assistances.

Service quality control

Every nationality considers different by “service quality”, but community of international professional event planners of upscale events has their own understanding valid all around the globe. Being the member of such professional community worldwide BtG is constantly implementing international MICE quality standards to the Russian market. Signing BtG quality standards as appendix to every contract with suppler and services stuff briefing one hour before group arrival to the program point is the basic BtG’ way of doing coordinating of your event.

24 hours care

Our experienced and professional staff will be in touch with you for 24 hours a day during your event to meet all your requirements and expectations. During day time English speaking representative will be always near you, during night time your dedicated project manager could stay with you in your hotel or will be achievable by local mobile phone. The local telephone card will be provided to you just after your arrival.

Pillow gifts

Highlight your event by offering specially chosen gifts to your participants. BtG Event Solutions is glad to suggest you appropriate gifts, help you in price negotiations, purchasing, preparation of an attractive presentation and delivery.
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